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Vinyl strip material - bulk roll stock & replacement strips
All of our vinyl strip material and mounting hardware is proudly made in The United States of America.

C&M Associates offers a wide range of Temp-Strip® PVC Strip material. Material is available in bulk rolls which can be cut and punched to your specifications. Also, individual replacement strips are available when smaller quantities are needed. All of our clear PVC materials have outstanding transparent qualities, are extruded with rounded edges for employee safety.  Click here for some Points to Ponder  when choosing vinyl strip material for your application. Please click here if you are looking for information on vinyl strip doors. Some of the most popular types of PVC strip material include:
Standard flexible transparent PVC is available in flat and ribbed strips. Ideal for all-weather applications, this material is formulated with a flame-retardant additive and an ultraviolet stabilizer to reduce yellowing and fading. Although standard materials are temperature rated for -20°F To 150°F (except 24" and 36" wide material rated at -10°F), we suggest low-temp materials for freezer temperatures below 32°F.
This USDA Material meets Federal requirements for incidental contact with meat, poultry, and dairy products. Please contact us for further information and assistance. This material is for indoor use only and has a temperature rating from -30°F to 150°F. We suggest using this material to -20°F.
USDA/Low-Temp / Nylon reinforced
Same properties as the above material, but has vertical nylon string reinforcement. The primary purpose is to prevent the material from stretching when used in non-freezer situations which require USDA accepted material.
USDA/Extra Low-Temp
This USDA accepted material is recommended for applications from -20°F to -75°F, and is ideal for blast freezer or ice cream freezer applications.
We recommend use to -50°F
Offset Double Ribbed/Standard and USDA/Low-Temp

This uniquely shaped material is ideally suited for high-traffic areas. The ribs with rounded edges reduce surface scarring of the material and will save on your future replacement costs. Additionally, the ribs prevent the vinyl material from sticking together in wet or humid conditions. The standard ribbed material has the same temperature rating as Standard material listed above.
Offset Double Ribbed/USDA meets Federal requirements for incidental contact with meat, poultry, and dairy products. This material has the same temperature rating as the USDA material listed above.
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