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Flexible vinyl strip doors

With ever increasing energy costs, vinyl strip doors remain the most cost-effective way to control air movement through an open door or passageway. Our quality pre-fabricated Flexible Vinyl Strip Doorsare ideal for personnel and material handling applications, including:

  • Walk-in coolers and freezers
  • Personnel passageways
  • Cold storage or freezer doors
  • Loading docks
  • Dust and humidity control
  • Bird and flying insect control
  • Noise reduction
  • Machine or conveyor enclosures
  • Partitioning an area
  • Stops drafts through doorways
  • Improving temperature control
  • Separates warehouse from sales area

Unlike other strip door designs, our headers allow for easy strip replacement without the need for costly, proprietary replacement strips. Some strip door manufacturers use strips with bonded-beads or other reinforcements which are more expensive to replace and do not necessarily extend the life of strips in high-traffic industrial applications. Our mounting systems allow you to use pre-cut and punched replacement strips, or you can cut your own replacement strips from  bulk roll-stock material  for the most cost-effective strip replacement option. In addition, our optional valance strip can reduce the chance of tearing at the header for more demanding low clearance applications, rather than costly mesh reinforcements at the top of the strip. Our pre-studded hardware design allows for easy conversion between material sizes and overlaps. We offer a  jamb mount galvanized steel (UL) header  which allows the door to be mounted within the opening. Face mount hardware (SL) is also available, which mounts above and also slightly covers the sidewalls of the opening, is recommended for applications where a better seal is required.

All of our vinyl strip material and mounting hardware is proudly made in The United States of America.

Click on one of the following for Strip Door Pricing

Suggested Strip Width and Overlap Recommendations
6" x .060 is recommended for personnel doors only, such as walk-in coolers and freezers to 84" in height. 67% overlap is recommended, 100% overlap is available.
8" x .080 is recommended for areas where fork lift activity requires greater strength and durability. For interior doors to 102" in height, use 50% overlap; to 168" in height, use 100% overlap.
12" x .120 is recommended for from 102-180" in height and in areas of heavy fork lift activity. Depending upon door height, location, wind/drafts, and traffic volume, overlap patterns are available in 33%, 67%, and 100%.
1) Consider Offset Double-Ribbed PVC in high traffic areas.
2) USDA accepted Low-Temp PVC material is recommended for indoor use only.
Click here for some Points to Ponder (FAQ)  when choosing vinyl strip material or strip doors for your application.

For Custom applications:
Please provide the following six items of information for immediate pricing:
  1. ACTUAL OPENING SIZE… width x height in inches.
  2. APPLICATION… freezer, cooler, or environmental separation.
  3. MOUNTING… Facemount (above the opening), Jambmount (inside the opening), or other (ex. sliding track, bracket mount, etc.)
  4. LOCATION… interior/exterior exposure, wind or drafts.
  5. USE… personnel, light equipment, fork lift, high traffic.
  6. Confirm 4 inches of wall space available on side walls and above opening for "above opening mount" hardware.

NOTE: Distributors or resellers welcome! Please call for information.