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Temp-Strip Vinyl Replacement Strips
Description              Product Number       Price Per Foot

                       Standard Clear (33°F or Higher)

6"w x 0.060"t             00100020                   $0.96      
8"w x 0.080"t             00100030                   $1.16      Purchase
12"w x 0.120"t           00100045                   $1.95      Purchase
16"w x 0.160"t           00100055                   $3.17      

 Low Temperature USDA - Non Reinforced (-20°F to 32°F)

6"w x 0.060"t             00100015                   $1.09      Purchase
8"w x 0.080"t             00100025                   $1.65      Purchase
12"w x 0.120"t           00100040                   $2.66      Purchase

Low Temperature USDA - Nylon Reinforced (-20°F to 32°F)

8"w x 0.080"t             00100025N                $1.68      Purchase
12"w x 0.120"t           00100040N                $3.11      Purchase

         Extra Low Temperature USDA (-50°F to -20°F)

8"w x 0.080"t             00100043                   $2.23      Purchase
12"w x 0.120"t           00100047                   $3.78      Purchase

         Offset Ribbed Standard Clear (-33°F or Higher)

8"w x 0.072/.272"t     00100038                   $1.06      Purchase
12"w x 0.110/.310"t   00100037                   $2.29      Purchase
16"w x 0.145/.345"t   00100039                   $3.24      Purchase

   Offset Ribbed Low Temperature USDA (-32°F to -20°F)

8"w x 0.072/.272"t     00100053                   $1.58       Purchase
12"w x 0.110/.310"t   00100052                   $2.66       Purchase
16"w x 0.145/.345"t   00100054                   $3.78       Purchase

All of our vinyl strip material and mounting hardware is proudly made in The United States of America.

What is RIP-A-STRIP?
A full roll of PVC strip material that is perforated at your specific length and punched at one end on 2-inch hole centers. The material is then re-wound onto the roll for easy storage and convenience.

Need pricing for length not listed?
Take strip length in inches, then divide by 12 and multiply by the price-per-foot listed above.
Example: P/N 00100030 for 102" strip would be: 102 ÷ 12 x $1.16(per-foot) = $9.86

Strip Punching
All strips come with standard punching. Standard punching is on 2" centers with first hole center 1" from side edge. If another type of punch is required, please specify by number of holes, hole-center to hole-center distance, and distance from strip edge to center of first hole.

Do I need Standard or Low-Temp or Ribbed?
Standard Coolers or applications above 32° F 

Low-Temp/USDA Freezer Negative 20° F to 32° F or applications requiring USDA approval 

Ribbed (Standard or Low-Temp) High traffic doorways - normally defined as 100+ trips through door per day including motorized traffic

Suggested Strip Width Recommendations

6"x.060 Recommended for personnel doors only, such as walk-in coolers and freezers up to 84" in height. 

8"x.080 Recommended for areas where light tow motor activity requires greater strength and durability with heights between 84" to 120". 

12"x.120 Recommended for doors from 102" to 180" in height and in areas of heavy tow motor activity. 

16"x.160 Recommended for exterior and interior doors from 144" to 216" in height and in areas of heavy tow motor activity.

Over 100 different widths, thicknesses and color combinations to suit your particular application.