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Product: Polar-Pro Swinging Doors

The Polar-Pro™ Swinging Door from Curtron is ideal for walk-in cooler or freezer applications where easy access and temperature control are needed. Constructed of .080" or .120" thick PVC panel material mounted on a stainless steel self-closing hinge, the Polar-Pro™ comes completely assembled for easy installation. These doors are an excellent alternative to vinyl strip doors for personnel applications. The PVC panels can be transparent or opaque (orange, gray, black, white, or blue), and optional vision panels are also available. For high traffic applications, vinyl impact plates can be heat-sealed to the panels in any of the below colors.

The Polar-Pro™ swinging door is available for door sizes up to 60" wide and up to 108" high. For larger openings, ask about the Mega-Pro™ swinging door.

  • For operating temperatures from -30°F to +150°F
  • Lifetime rust-proof guarantee
  • Meets USDA and FDA sanitation codes (USDA accepted material only)
  • Swings 90° in and 90° out on an even plane
  • Can be mounted either within or outside the door opening
  • Optional clear window or clear vision strip
  • Optional impact plates
  • Durable and efficient design
  • Opens easily, closes automatically

Available colors:

-CLEAR MATERIAL comes standard with this door-​