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Industrial Curtains

Industrial Curtains are an inexpensive way to separate areas with minimal traffic. Available in a wide range of colors, thickness, and materials, we can create a custom curtain for your unique application. These durable, high quality curtains have brass grommets and heat-sealed hems. An optional chain-weighted bottom is also available to help keep the curtain in place. Optional heat-applied Velcro® can also be affixed to create "passageways" through the curtain that can be easily opened and closed. Hung from vinyl rollers and steel track, industrial curtains can be opened when desired.
This item is perfect for refrigerated trailers or anywhere that temperature control and easy access are important.
Industrial Truck Curtain 
 16 mil thick curtain with
optional Velcro® closure
Close-up of brass grommets
and Velcro® closure